Shop Forever Products are an independent distributor for Forever Living.

The range of products are mainly Aloe Vera based, covering dietary supplements, foods and cosmetics. Focused on health and wellness, nutrition, and to cleanse or beautify.

This website allows you to search, compare and find direction to order the entire range of products. Dispatched directly from Forever.

Forever living was founded in 1978 in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. They have progressed over three decades to become the largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of Aloe Vera products Worldwide.

  • The first written reports of aloe date back to ancient Egypt when it was used by Cleopatra. She valued the nourishing juice and used it as part of her daily skin and beauty regime
  • Forever is the largest manufacturer and distributor of aloe vera products in the world
  • Forever is vertically intergrated, which means that we own the land, the plants, the manufacturing facilities and distribution. It also means we can trace the product right back to its source, ensuring quality and purity. It truly is ‘From Plant to Product to You’
  • There are over 400 species of aloe vera, but just one has been recognised for centuries for its natural soothing abilities – Aloe Barbadensis Miller

The majority of the Forever Living range is Aloe Vera gel, which is processed by Forever and is pure. This product is referred to often as a miracle plant due to it’s beneficial abilities. The pure aloe vera gel is the prime ingredient in the premium product line and the main source of sales for the company.

For 40 years Forever Living have refined and advanced their knowledge and ability on the farming and production of Aloe Vera. They control the entire process from plantation, to production and processing, to the final end product and packaging to you. This full ownership of the process allows Forever Living to deliver a premium product for your use.

As Forever has evolved as a company, so has their product range. Expanding for just providing the popular range of Forever gels, they are expanding products in skin care, nutrition and personal care product ranges. Many of these new products are winning awards and becoming a staple in many people’s busy lives. You can join the business as a Forever Living Business Owner and distribute the wide range of products to your friends, family and customers.

Dallas in Texas is home to the Aloe Vera America, this is the central Head Quarters for the Global operation. Forever Living owns Aloe plantations in Texas and The Dominican Republic. They also own a large processing plant in Mission, Texas. At this plant they manufacture over 8 million gallons of Aloe Vera gel every year that is used across the entire range of Forever Living Aloe based products.

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