Who is the CEO of Forever Living Products?

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An American businessman named Rex Maughan was the company’s creator, president and CEO of Forever Living Products. Forever is a multi-level marketing business that offers cosmetics made from aloe vera and bee hive extract as well as other personal items.

Born on November 20th, 1936 in Logan, Utah. Sadly Rex passed away on July 17, 2021, at the age of 84.

Rex devoted most of his life to assisting individuals in achieving their goals and dreams. He has over 40 years of inspirational leadership experience and outstanding management ideas. Rex, an alumnus of the ASU Business School, established a global network of businesses that are resistant to economic downturns.

With operations in more than 160 countries, Forever is a multibillion dollar business connected to the biggest producer, manufacturer and distributor of aloe vera in the world. Admired for the quality of it’s products, Forever has focused on the full process – from plant, to product, to you. Through maintaining quality control through all stages of the process, ensures that Forever Living products are of premium quality.

Rex Maughan was the Vice President of a multi-million dollar corporation in Phoenix, Arizona, before he founded and became the CEO of Forever Living Products. He was interested in network marketing since it was a relatively new profession and offered people of all backgrounds and educational levels the chance to achieve financial independence. Rex Maughan has strengthened the financial stability of Forever even more for the future by investing the income of this incredible firm into an expanding Resorts Division, which now includes the renowned “Southfork Ranch” in Dallas.

In 1978, Rex Maughan founded and took on the lead role as CEO of Forever Living Products.

Aloe vera plant lotions were the company’s first product. The product line has expanded and changed significantly since 1978 with a wide range of health and wellness products that are sold via a multi-level marketing strategy. Maughan also had the forward vision to vertically integrate into aloe cultivation and processing, since aloe vera is still a significant component in many Forever Living products.

Rex will be remembered as a strong, established leader and CEO of Forever Living Products.

New CEO of Forever Living Products

Now following in the footsteps of Rex is his son, Gregg Maughan, who is now the President of Forever Living Products.

Forever is heading into an exciting future with President Gregg Maughan at the helm. His history with the company runs deep and it isn’t just strong family ties that define his connection to Forever. It’s also the resilience, determination and unyielding belief in the positive, transformative change Forever brings to millions of lives around the world.

Gregg is proud to lead Forever into the future. An important aspect of Gregg’s vision for the company is to continue to provide Forever Business Owners with exciting incentives and experiences. As well as innovative digital tools that will help to empower them and build a growing, multifaceted Forever Living Business.

To become part of this incredible, forward-thinking business, become a member of Forever Living and join this amazing organization.

Join as a Business Owner (FBO) and receive discount on all products bought by you or by customers. Through network marketing you can build your Forever business and earn an extra income through purchasing Forever Living Products at a discount and retailing them at full price.

The Forever Living Online Joining process is simple and straightforward. When you join Forever Living you own your business and your future, with an opportunity to earn additional income, with real rewards for your hard work. Enjoy increased flexibility by choosing when, how, and with whom you want to work. As a Forever Business Owner, you will have the option to sell your clients exclusive and high-quality products.

With strong leadership and a range of premium quality products, you can be assured that you are part of something special now and into the future.

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