Why Are Forever Living Products So Expensive

Why are Forever Living Products so expensive

Spoiler alert: we don’t think they are!

Many people will compare Forever Living Products with other general high street aloe-based products and often ask “why are Forever Living Products so expensive!” On face value, they will appear expensive and costly when compared to Aloe Vera gel that you might find in the supermarket or mall.

Question: Why Are Forever Living Products So Expensive?

What makes Forever Products unique is the quality, this is not your standard item that has been watered down with other ingredients to make the volume.

As an example, Forever Living Aloe Vera gel is uncontaminated and made from 99.7% pure Aloe leaf. This level of purity adds to the cost and can make the product seem expensive, when in reality you are getting a better value product with a greater concentration of Aloe Vera gel.

Forever Living Premium Products

On the topic of purity, Forever Living use the inner gel fillet of the Aloe plant only. The outer leaf is less nutritionally valuable (and sometimes used in inferior products). The outer leaf can also be very laxative, which isn’t always a good thing!

All of the Aloe fillets are hand processed, this ensures the quality of the Aloe, but will also add to the cost and make this premium product more expensive.

Forever is committed to their part in mitigating the risk and impact on the environment. This commitment starts at the aloe farms. By using solar powered pumps and drip watering the plants through intricate and high-tech systems, this reduces water usage by over 90%.

Maintaining their ecological credentials, Forever will utilise the waste Aloe rinds of the leaves and dig them back into the ground to aid in soil fertilisation.

Adding Product Value

There’s no denying that being environmentally aware is the right thing to do to protect our planet for future generations. But through not taking the “easy route” can add to the cost and expense of the product, making Forever Living Products appear expensive, when in reality they’re doing their bit to reduce CO2 and waste.

Forever Living is an MLM (Multi-level Marketing) company. This adds a commission cost to all products sold. However, when considering the premiumisation of the products, along with the quality control and environment awareness, the price doesn’t come across as unfair.

When purchasing a standard “off the shelf” Aloe Vera product from a large corporation, there is still a margin on the products, with staff overheads to pay and shareholders to satisfy depending on the organisation!

The company was founded by Rex Maughan in 1978, and it has risen from strength to strength as its network has expanded. It now has millions of distributors spread throughout 160 countries.

Through becoming a member of the Forever family, you are not only sharing in the success, but the heritage of an established company with over 40 years of experience behind it.

Are Forever Products really that expensive?

When people ask “why are Forever Living Products so expensive”, many do not look past the traditional Aloe Vera gels. As stated above, there are many additional factors that people don’t consider.

Another key point is that Forever Living don’t just sell Aloe Vera. Many of their popular products are competitively priced, but have the same level of care and attention that allow them to sit on the “premium items” shelf.

Some of our favourite products include Aloe Ever-Shield deodorant, which is a leading aluminium-free product with cooling aloe to soothe underarm. Compared to competitive products, this is most definitely not expensive!

Another one of our favourite products is Forever Bright Toothgel. This great toothpaste product is again in-expensive but delivers so many benefits from the high Aloe Vera content. Forever Bright Toothgel contains a non-fluoride formula and uses only natural ingredients to keep your teeth feeling clean.

So the next time someone asks you why are Forever Living Products so expensive, remember that this isn’t always the case and there is a multi-billion dollar corporation working tirelessly behind the scenes to create premium products to enhance your wellbeing!