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Honey Bee

Bees are the flying insects you see in summer, usually traveling from flower to flower collecting nectar to create their precious bee honey. Although closely related to wasps, they’re the kinder and more useful variety of yellow striped insect. Where wasps will try and sting a human on sight, a bee is more bothered about nectar and less about aggression.

Honey bees are super-important not only for the surrounding environment, but also the world economies. As humans, we rely on bees and the wide range of insects to pollinate nearly all of our food, including vegetables and fruit. If our bees did not pollinate our crops, farmers would have to use chemicals and non-organic ways to produce food.

During 2017 and 2018 there were many different types of bee added to the endangered species list. There are around 30% of species endangered in Europe. This is concerning to all of us as humans and we need to take positive action to curb this decline.

Forever Living Bee Products

It is possible to live in unison with bees and to still benefit from their natural output; bee honey. This honey contains many nutrients that are beneficial for our heath. Forever Living ensures that it only extracts the most premium of bee honey using colony-safe methods that will not disturb an ecosystem.

Forever Bee Honey

The main ingredient in a bottle of delicious Forever Living Bee Honey is natural and pure honey. This has been responsibly harvested from protected bumble bee hives by specialists. Bee honey is a great way to replace refined sugars in your diet with a natural and nutritious alternative. With a variety of uses, from your morning breakfast porridge, or as an extra sugary treat in a cup of Forever Aloe Tea.

The bottle is easy to pour, eliminating one of the main problems with honey, a sticky mess!

Forever Royal Jelly

A common question is can humans eat royal jelly? As with all supplement choices it is of great importance to consult a medical professional before introducing anything into your diet. Royal jelly is highly nutritious containing a variety of proteins, natural sugars, fatty acids and elements of Vitamin B5 and B6. Studies have shown improved erythropoiesis, glucose tolerance and mental health. This is not a conclusive study and requires further research to fully document the health benefits.

Royal Jelly is consumed by the Queen Bee within the hive. The royal jelly is believed to be responsible for her long life, surviving over fifty times longer than a worker bee.

Forever ethically collect the product in their Royal Jelly food supplement, this is available in a tablet form that can be consumed daily following medical guidance.

Importance of bees

Bee honey is one of human’s oldest and longest food supplies. It is a source of natural energy to keep you going through the day. Honey is produced from a variety of flowers and plants, which in turn create a variety of different types of honey. If the honey is quite dark then this is a signal that it rich in beneficial bio active plant compounds.

As previously mentioned, bees help to pollinate our crops and food, but also the wide variety of plants. Bees help to create the beautiful and variety of colour in our gardens and outdoors. This also has a knock on effect in that this pollination benefits other animals and insects who may rely on the plants for their food sources.

Around the globe there are over 25,000 different types of bee species, this can be broken down into 4,000 different genera of honey bees in nine families. That’s a lot of bees, despite the many types of different bees, they all serve an important purpose in the global ecosystem.

Of all the different families of bees producing bee honey, the most common family is the Apidae. Including types such as the honey bee, carpenter bee and most bumble bee. So when you next see a bee flying into a plant, think of the importance it is paying in the world.

Not only is Bee Honey a great tasting addition to your diet, it’s been harvested and produced with great care my large bee populations. Although, over time, these populations are starting to dwindle. If you enjoy the great taste of bee’s delicious product, then make sure it is ethically sources from hives that have been well managed.

Why not check out the range of Forever Living Bee Products.

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