Amazing Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera has a variety of uses in beauty, health and care products.

The physical Aloe plant is usually around 2 feet tall and has prickly leaves designed to defend itself. The leaves hold the Aloe Vera gel which is very bitter, but packed full of nutrients.

Inside the leaves of the plant contain over 96% water, along with a multitude of organic compounds. It also contains proteins that include amino acids, usually found in the human body, along with essential vitamins A, B, C and E.

Over many thousands of years, humans have recognised the qualities of this special plant and harvested it for its beneficial properties. Traditionally this gel has been used to heal and sooth sunburn or wounds. Aloe Vera plants are also a popular decorative item, taking pride of place on a window sill or bookcase.

You can now find Aloe in many different products, including drinking gels, creams, personal care, skin care and makeup – the list is endless!

Forever Living Aloe

The Forever Aloe field in the Dominican Republic is the largest and most impressive Aloe Vera plantation in the World.

At the plantation, all Aloe is picked and then is sent to be processed as quickly as possible. This ensures that the inner gel is still intact with its nutritional and natural qualities.

The Aloe gel then goes through a special stabilisation process, with Forever Living being the only company in the world to hold the patent to stabilise Aloe this way.

Aloe Vera Processing

Aloe Vera Benefits

There are many benefits to Aloe Vera, most are unproven, but some are backed by science. As with any health product, it is always best to seek advice from your doctor first to understand if you are suitable to use the product.


Aloe Vera can help exfoliate and restore skin by making use of its natural healing nutrients. Along with using it as part of a daily skincare regime, the Aloe can be used to treat cuts, dry skin and burns. It is important to note that overuse of Aloe can result in dry skin, this is due to the exfoliating properties of the gel acting as an abrasive.


The presence of Vitamin C and E, along with beta carotene, assists with anti-aging by nourishing and moisturising the skin. Although it cannot completely reverse ageing, Kim Chang from the Baylor College of Medicine has stated that it can help prevent getting deeper wrinkles and lines over time. Use an Aloe-based moisturiser as part of your daily skincare routine to help reduce the signs of aging.


The power of Aloe has been widely used for hundreds of years due to its healing properties on skin exposed to UV and gamma radiation. Studies have shown it to have a positive effect on sunburn through an antioxidant protein, metallothionein, that is generated in the skin. This is why so many after sun moisturising products contain Aloe Vera.

Wound Healing

Along with healing sunburn and helping to support the skin with anti-ageing, there has been research on the effects of wound healing. The research suggests that the Aloe Vera gel can be used as an anti-inflammatory agent to reduce swelling. Another key point is that the Vera acted as a protective mask to the wound, healing inhibitors such as sterols and certain amino acids.

Antibacterial Properties

Another study has shown that the methanolic extract of Aloe Vera gel showed a significant zone of inhibition of all used pathogens. The results were comparable to conventional antioxidants used in the human body. What this means is that the natural vitamins and minerals found in Aloe Vera can be used as part of a healthy diet to help fight against free radicals.

Weight control

Drinking Aloe Vera can help maintain or decrease weight as part of a balanced diet. The vitamins and minerals contained in Aloe, along with amino acids and enzymes, can improve your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and antioxidants.


Aloe can help with your digestion and keeps your gut healthy. Aloe Vera contains complex carbohydrates (mucilage) that is though to have a soothing effect on the digestive tract. Unfortunately there is not much evidence to show it’s benefits for digestion, but Forever Living has been selling it’s ever-popular Forever Aloe Gel Drink for over 40 years, with many loyal customers continuing to use it as part of their regular healthy routine.

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