Follow these 7 Body Massage Tips

Body Massage Tips

A good massage can help to reduce heart rate, stress and blood pressure, these 7 body massage top tips can help you find that perfect zen.

When the body is under stress it can produce elevated levels of an unhealthy hormone called cortisol, this hormone can lead to feeling fatigued, gaining weight and becoming restless. Massage therapy is becoming increasingly popular to improve circulation, relieve tension, anxiety and improve sleep.

We have compiled the following list of body massage tips to advise and guide you on the best methods using Forever Aloe Heat Lotion. This soothing massage lotion is pH-balanced and designed for relaxing your aches and pains.

Body Massage Tips

  1. First, choose a comfortable location

Finding the best place to perform your body massage is essential. If indoors you will need to find a calming room with no unpleasantness and is a relaxing environment. Remember that if performing your massage outdoors, always consider the weather. If you’re on a park, don’t be surprised if a dog or children come bounding up to investigate!

  1. The perfect music and ambience

Blasting out Heavy Metal music might be some reader’s choice of chill, however, more slower paced people might need to consider a more relaxing background soundtrack. Consider finding a sleep or meditation type playlist on YouTube or create your own relaxing list. A body massage can take from minutes to hours, so having a background noise can break the time up and create total relaxation. To make the massage area super-chill, try lighting some incense to give a fragrant and relaxing aroma.

  1. Undress the person about to be massaged

Now it’s time to get on and massage! You’ve set the scene with an angelic background soundtrack of flutes and harps. Now, if you’re not overly familiar with the person about to be massaged, asking them to undress could be awkward. However, keep within their comfort zone and guide them with clear instruction. Keep your shoulders relaxed and back straight to maintain posture and always say when you’re about to begin so as not to give them a shock.

Aloe Heat Lotion
  1. Grab your Forever Aloe Heat Lotion

Make sure to warm the Heat Lotion in your hands, it’s never a pleasant experience to have someone’s cold hands touch your body when you’re unprepared! This also goes back to the point about warning the person that you’re about to begin, keeping calm and being relaxed. Make sure to spread the lotion around evenly so that all the area you intend to massage is covered, aim to target the large muscle groups:

  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Back
  • Legs
  1. Technique is key

Maintain an even and firm rhythm when you massage. You don’t want hands all over the place, so keep a slow pace and keep your body relaxed between each set of movements. Try to use your thumbs as infrequently as possible to avoid any strain on your wrists. The main point to consider is communication, make sure you ask what areas need attention and tell them to shout if they experience any pain!

  1. Don’t…

Hopefully you will now be confident to massage away in a chilled relaxing environment, however there are always a few points to consider. Don’t apply pressure on the spine, or any sensitive area that could cause discomfort or damage. Remember that massaging the belly can be uncomfortable so avoid that area. Finally, don’t poke and pinch when you massage!

  1. Finishing the massage

When you’re finishing up, it might be worth checking if the person you massaged is asleep. You don’t want to wake them with a startle as you turn on the lights! Always use a towel to wipe up any excess lotion to keep things tidy. Finally bask in the satisfaction of having helped another person relax with the skill of your hands.

These are our top tips for performing the best massage, we hope you enjoyed them!

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