Men’s skin care top tips

Mens Skin Care Tips

As the nights draw in and outside becomes a lot colder, it’s important to consider men’s skin care. Some men may love this chilly time of year. A cosy public house and an open fire. Some men enjoy the sunshine and miss the hot rays beating on their skin.

Whichever type of man you are, winter is inevitable, so it is important to make sure your skin is in the best shape for this harsh time of year. Men should never avoid daily skincare.

Women are traditionally much stricter at following a routine and looking after themselves daily. However men’s skin is prone to the same age spots and blemishes that can appear on a woman’s skin.

You should prioritise your skin health and men’s skin care as much as your physical health. Through maintaining your skin on a regular basis helps it to glow for much longer into your later life.

Cleansing men’s skin

As quite a few men are traditionalists and will wash their face with just water or a bar of soap, this can start a skincare routine off on the wrong foot.

Soap is effective at removing unwanted dirt and oils from the face and skin, but can also dry out the skin. If a soap is essential to use, then make sure it contains calming ingredients as part of your men’s skin care routine.

Forever Avocado Face & Body Soap offers great cleaning for almost all skin types. The soothing avocado gently cleanses oily skin with no irritation to help keep skin pores clear and healthy. For dry skin the avocado will help to nourish and moisturize. Avocado is a rich source of vitamins A, B, D and E. It also contains antioxidants to help combat free radicals.

It is usually best to use a specialist cleanser and Forever Living provide two high-performance cleansers. Infinite Hydrating Cleanser is effective at removing dirt and grime from skin, containing natural and soothing ingredients such as apple extract, apple amino acid and cocoa fatty acids that help to increase skin hydration.

Another great product is Sonya Refreshing Gel Cleanser is a special item containing the Forever famous Aloe Vera gel. This refreshing cleanser also includes moisturizing agents like cold-pressed baobab oil.

This combination of ingredients leave skin feeling soothed and moisturized. When you decide on a product to use, it’s best to start the routine here. Use it daily to get into the habit. The cleanser is the first product to use in your skincare routine, then follow with the other moisturizing products.

Exfoliating men’s skin

Great! You’ve got into the habit of cleansing your skin, which is a really good habit to remove the dirt and grime of the day as part of your men’s skin care routine. The next stage is to exfoliate the skin, this removes the dead skin cells to help the moisturizer be able to penetrate the skin effectively and hydrate. Exfoliating the skin too often can lead to irritation and redness, so it’s not advisable to do this too often. Around two to three times a week is normal practice.

A great product for exfoliating is Forever Living Smoothing Exfoliator. This product uses natural jojoba beads and bamboo powder to exfoliate. Many mainstream exfoliators use artificial micro beads to scrub the skin, when these are washed away they can get into the water system and harm the environment. You want to use the best natural products for your skin right?

The Smoothing Exfoliator also contains added lemon and essential oils, these wonderful calming products work as a moisturizer to hydrate the skin as you exfoliate.

Moisturizing men’s skin

The final step, you’ve made it on your men’s skin care journey! This follows the cleansing and the exfoliating. When the dead skin cells have been removed from the skin it’s super-important to get the moisture back into your skin. There are a variety of products on the market, but we recommend one’s that contain Aloe Vera.

This is because Aloe contains healing properties, so after all that cleaning and scrubbing it’s time to give your skin a break. Some of our favorites include Sonya Soothing Gel Moisturizer. This amazing product contains over ten natural plant extracts, along with essential oils. Unique ingredients such as beta-glucan which is extracted from mushrooms, along with hydrolyzed collagen and apple fruit extract.

A classic from Forever Living is the Aloe Moisturizing Lotion, this product is core product from the company and has been trusted by many customer over many years! What makes it even better is that it’s certified by the The International Aloe Science Council. The silky Forever Aloe moisturise Lotion contains super-nourishing Aloe Vera, natural jojoba oil, collagen and elastic. All these ingredients help to leave your skin feeling soft and supple.

Men’s Aftershave

A unique feature is that men grow a lot of hair on their face and usually need to shave it off. This is where a good aftershave comes in. A lot of popular aftershaves contain alcohol to close the pores. This isn’t great skincare and usually burns and stings, but is normally considered ‘tough’ to use this.

A great alternative is to use a moisturizing aftershave with a fresh manly scent. Gentleman’s Pride from Forever is an aftershave skincare balm. This product helps to soothe and condition the sensitive skin after shaving. The great feature of this product is that is can also be used as a moisturizer to revitalize the skin, but also to calm any irritation cause by a razor blade or even from sun exposure.

For the finishing touch, Forever 25th Edition Fragrance For Men provides a fresh and sensuous manly fragrance, along with an enticing blend of fruit and herbal scent.

Winter care for men’s skin

So that’s it, keep your skin in tip-top condition this winter. The main thing to remember is routine. Do this every day and your skin will thank you for it!

For that extra boost, consider looking after your skin from the inside. Forever have created a unique formulation of Vitamins tailored specifically for Men. Vitolize Men from Forever Living contains a high quality blend of select herbs and choice vitamins, along with minerals including zinc, which contributes to normal fertility and reproduction.

Look after yourself this winter and follow the blog for more topics on the best products for you and your family.

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